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Having had no children, Jane’s greatest fear comes true when she is left alone in the world after her husband, Philip, dies from stomach cancer.

Gifted by Grief is the story of how they cope with the diagnosis and what emerges for her after he dies. She describes how, two and a half years on, after all the grief and loss, she ends up stating something she would never have believed was possible: she is grateful for the loss of her husband.

Musings about the meaning of life and death, including excerpts from Philip's blog posts and Jane's journal entries at the time, are interwoven with funny, poignant and insightful stories. This gives a unique insight into one of the most challenging times a relationship can face.

Filled with golden nuggets of wisdom for the reader to pick up and use as they wish, this book introduces the idea that within all grief there is a gift awaiting discovery.

An excellent bereavement book, for those suffering grief from any cause, and also for those who want to support friends or family members who have been bereaved.

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(Jane also runs, where she regularly inspires visitors to design and prepare their own end of life plans. Visit now to see what you can do about this, and also to receive her most up to date goings on).

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