How Did Coffins Used to Get Transported? Along the Coffin Trails…

The Coffin Trail is the old track along which coffins had to be carried before St Mary’s Church in Ambleside in the Lake District was consecrated in 1821.

In those days, the dead had to be carried along this trail, to St Oswald’s Church in Grasmere, the home of famous poet, Wordsworth.

As we walked along, I was amazed at what not only the length of the track that the coffins had to be carried along, but also the stoniness and up-and-down-ness. Folks were hardier in those days – they had to be!  This photo shows me at the ‘resting stone’ upon which the carriers could place the coffin and have a sit-down, resting their weary bodies.

 Overlooking Loughrigg and Rydal Water, and despite a very grey day, it was a wonderful walk, a mixture of beautiful views, tree roots, and twists and turns.

Does anyone else have any stories or pics of  ‘coffin trails’ or other ways that coffins were transported in the old days?

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