Oxford Workshop

Oxford Workshop

A question for you:  If you had died yesterday, what would happen to your family and loved ones?

How would they be coping?

  • Would your partner or children know how to access your accounts?
  • Have you got written instructions about how you want your body taken care of?
  • Have you got clear ideas (and written them down) about what special possessions you’d like someone to have?
  • Would your family be wandering around and wondering where things were?
  • Are there things you haven’t taken care of that would cause upset?

OXFORD Before I Go workshop 12/13th November 2016

(part of Kicking the Bucket Festival 2016).

Register here:  £55 (if you’re on benefits and want to pay the reduced amount of £45, please contact Jane here


The above questions are just some of the 150 that are in my Before I Go workbook – a document New3Smallthat you can complete yourself (we’ll start it on the course), use as a conversation starter with your family and friends, and then leave for them after you have died.

By completing this workbook, you’ll have the benefit of :

  • peace of mind
  • relief
  • release of energy to allow you to live more fully right now


and your family and friends will get the benefit of:

  • knowing they are doing what you wanted
  • reduced costs and time spent trying to sort out your affairs
  • less hassle when they’re already feeling grief-stricken


Here’s what some other participants have said:

Brynn Breuner, California

Why do this?

Talking about death is a great first step – but actually taking action about your own situation is even more important, and that means facing up to facts, knowing what you want, and writing it down.

Come and join me on this 2x half day workshop and get yourself sorted out!


IMG_1928“This workshop finally got us going on something that we’d been saying for ages “would be a good idea.” Looking at the possibility of incapacity, and death for either one of us, has not been the dreadful subject one could imagine. Now the ball is rolling it feels good and positive.”  Hugh and Janet, Scotland



What do I actually get by attending?

  • Your copy of the 44 page Before I Go workbook
  •  A jam-packed Resources Pack
  • Small Business Information Document (if relevant)

When and where?

St Alban’s Hall, Charles St, Oxford

Sat 12th and Sun 13th November, 2.30-5.30pm on each day.

Register here:



Jane will be in Oxford for the preceding week – she is giving a free talk at the Friends Meeting House on Tuesday 8th November 1-2pm.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Jane has a limited number of times available for private consultations, in a confidential setting on anything to do with life and death matters. 

Contact me via email jane@wildwisdom.co.uk about these, or any other questions.


SherryRB“On an emotional level, this class helped me feel so grateful for my life, the people in it, and the choices I get to make. On a practical level, the worksheets, supplemental materials, and informative class conversations helped me to prepare the legal and personal documents that will make dying and death easier on myself and my family. And you know what? The class was FUN. It was life-affirming and joyful. Don’t be afraid to talk about death; it just may bring you to life!”

Sherry B. USA


Michael Williams, Scotland