Private Sessions

You may want the privacy and personalization that comes with working with me one to one. This can be in person, via the internet (Skype or Zoom) or by phone. The focus for this can be in several ways.

Grief Recovery Programme

Grief recovery can feel incredibly private. But sometimes, you just need to spill it all out to another person.

That person is not always a family member or friend - it can really help to be listened deeply to by someone who is not involved in the situation.

My many years of offering counselling, psychotherapy and coaching mean that I can be there fully for you, at a time when it can feel very dark indeed. 

Be brave - reach out and contact me now. I will respond asap. 


Life and Death Coaching

"Life is not easy," said the author M. Scott Peck in his book The Road Less Travelled.

Not easy shows up as all sorts, including anxiety about end of life issues, existential fears, and the bigger questions of 'who am I', 'what is a body?' and 'what happens when I die?'

Difficult to face, but as one of my clients said recently:

"Talking about death brings me to life."

It's a paradox, but true; as is the fact that when end of life is finally acknowledged as something that IS going to happen, the fear and anxiety about it can finally be brought out of the closet.

When that happens, all manner of wonders arise in life itself, not least an ability to take your life less seriously.

Life and Death coaching with me will enable you to live more fully than you may ever have imagined. Email me now for an initial conversation about how this can help you.