HeadThis is where you can find what to do next if you’d like more support.

Look at the options here and reach out to what appeals to you. Listen to your gut instincts about it all and go with those – they know best! And remember that grieving can be happening even while the loss has not yet occurred. So whatever stage you are at, I hope you will find something that works for you.

  • 5 WAYS TO RELEASE YOUR GRIEF AND FEEL BETTER IN THIS MOMENT  This free short course will help you to do just what it says. Grieving takes time, but it includes feeling awful one moment, fine the next, and everything in between. This can be challenging, to say the least. This short series of 5 Ways will help you to manage what is happening for you. Sign up in the box on the top right hand corner of this page to receive the first email into your inbox.
  • GIFTED BY GRIEF FACEBOOK GROUPIf you’ve bought the book and felt inspired by it, please apply to join the free, closed  this is a place for you to share, learn, feel hope, offer support to others, and where I regularly post information, inspiration and insight to help you and your loved ones who may be struggling with loss. Join here.
  • HAVE JANE AS YOUR GRIEF GUIDE.  Get Free of Grief!  Yes, it really is possible, and in a healthy way, where you can still honour the person who has departed. Guidance is in a group setting or privately with Jane, and is an opportunity for you to understand more about what is going on for you in your particular situation; to welcome it, release it and then be able to take small, consistent steps forward. Have an initial free conversation with Jane first. Apply here.

Did you know I also offer coaching and programmes to holistic entrepreneurs and small business people? Whether you are  struggling with grief and loss of any kind, or not, this site is for you if you like to do business a bit differently from the usual mainstream kind of thing.

That means you’re likely to want to include meditation, or the spiritual, in your work in some way – even if it is just setting a context for your day, creating actions that help you feel good as well as your clients, or incorporating the healing power of nature in your daily rhythm.


Within a year of Philip’s death it was obvious I had changed a lot, and my coaching business had to reflect that. So Wild Wisdom was born, along with a launching of my own creative doodles on the website itself, something which brings me great joy.

Check it out here if you own a small business, are self-employed in any capacity, or even if you are in charge of a department at work. No matter if you are bereaved or not, or suffering a loss – I worked with all kinds of situations before I was bereaved, and I still do so now.