How to Die Well

candlesHow To Die Well – surely that’s something everyone would want?

This was the topic of the Breakfast show on Radio 5 Live with Nicky Campbell this morning, to which I contributed.

Dr Kathryn Mannix of The Art of Dying Well was speaking about what actually happens when someone dies – and it was comforting to hear this.

I called in at the beginning and spoke throughout the hour (fairly passionately!) on how preparation for death, while you are still alive and kicking, is a major contributing factor to dying well.

Listen in here to an illuminating, poignant and moving hour of stories from other callers, practical information and nuggets of wisdom about this topic that is common to us all.

(Programme starts about 8 minutes in, and you can fastforward over the news in the middle. So about 35 minutes in all).

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