A Live Show About Death – and It Was Really Funny!

IMG_1743Last weekend I spent a day at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – I went down especially to see a performance by the woman who is organizing the KickingTheBucket Festival in Oxford later this year (where I am speaking and giving a workshop).

I’m telling you about it here because it is a touring show, and if you can get a ticket, do!  It’s on at the Fringe in Edinburgh until 21st August, and a few other places  in the South of England, too.

It was so brilliant  – a wonderful mix of laughter, tears, and poignant stories, interspersed with fascinating facts about dying and death.

For instance, did you know that you can bury someone in your back garden? (At least you can in the UK.)  Whether this is a good idea when it comes to selling your house, well, that’s debatable. And in Germany, you’re not allowed to collect the ashes of someone who has died – by law, undertakers have to do that. (Liz had a great story to tell about that!)

And her performance was told through stories from other people – it really brings the topic alive; you can see a trailer here: http://www.fullcircleproductions.org.uk/ and also get more info about what this amazing woman has been getting up to in her life.

So if you’re anywhere near Edinburgh and fancy a laugh with death, then you won’t be disappointed!

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