Place of Peace Meditation

Originally created to help soothe me when I fell into fear about the future, with regular listening this meditation has proved brilliant at calming you down, bringing you back to your own Place of Peace, and letting you move forward more easily as a result.  About 15 minutes in length. Listen to a clip here:

I really love this meditation. It's power builds as the days pass and the benefits grew each time I listened to it. I was over come with grief as my father passed away and I really believe that this process has helped on so many levels with my healing.


The Place of Peace helped me set aside a small amount of time each day to deeply relax and I felt more refreshed.  I found that I was able to concentrate much more easily following this meditation.


Once I had experienced this place within myself, it felt so easy to return there... at any time, just by saying these words in my mind.... I found it calming, spacious, simple.... and so effective.

Kate Friendship


Healing Love Meditation

This is the meditation I created for Philip to listen to when wanting to invite the cancer to leave. Using a very soothing voice, love enters the body and gently asks the cancer to leave. About 12 minutes in length. Here’s a clip:

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5 Minute Relaxation

Philip recorded this many years ago, and it's still as popular now as it was then. Perfect for when you want to just put your feet up for a short while, take a break at your desk, or just reconnect with your body. And it is just over 5 minutes in length! Listen to a clip here:

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Money Fountain Meditation

This uplifting meditation uses the image of water coming out of a fountain, being recycled into the earth before rising up again, through and surrounding your body. It’s soothing, inspiring and listened to regularly will help create the atmosphere of feeling rich, peaceful and welcoming towards money. It’s always worked for me when I wanted more to come in! Length: about 14 minutes. Listen to a clip here:

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