Jane’s journey through caring for her husband and her subsequent grief after he died is an inspiration for anyone wanting to move on but needing the courage to do so.

RasmussenChristina Rasmussen

Author of Second Firsts and founder of The LifeStarters

Gifted by Grief begins with a roller coaster of events, from the diagnosis of Philip’s illness to his death just over a year later. Despite being carried along in this momentum, the author remains aware and awake. She charts every development in a compelling way, flowing easily between three voices: that of her husband Philip (from his blog), her own raw diary entries, and later a still, wise voice that emerges, which she calls The Listening. I couldn’t put it down until Part One had concluded. Part Two closely charts the rocky waters of grief, through diary entries and more from The Listening. Finally in Part Three: Rebirth, gifts begin to appear; hard won, like crystals forged in the crushing of rocks. When I put this book down, I felt the promise of the gifts and the certainty that they would continue to emerge. I felt nourished, for despite the pain of the story, I had travelled with a courageous, honest companion who kept seeking a way through; a woman with the strength to engage fully with both life and death. Her approach gave me hope. If it’s me next time, I will remember this book and draw strength from it. A woman in my tai chi class told us a few days ago that she has a terminal diagnosis. ‘Gifted by Grief’ helped me to be with her, to be real. Jane Duncan Rogers has gifted us all with her tale of cancer, loss and rebirth. .

Dr. Juliet Batten

Author of Spirited Ageing: Cultivating the Art of Renewal

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'Gifted by Grief' is, by turns, a raw memoir and uplifting companion that can be leaned on during one of the most challenging transitions we all face in life. Jane shares her journey through grief and out the other side with heart-rending honesty and humorous insights that will have you crying one minute, laughing out loud the next.

AndreaGardnerAndrea Gardner

Author of Change Your Words, Change Your World.

'Gifted By Grief' is a courageous, wise and beautifully written book. Jane has my deep respect for her vulnerable and perceptive exploration of sadness, loss and integration, ultimately leading to true healing.

MalcolmSternMalcolm Stern

Psychotherapist, author and co-founder of ‘Alternatives’ at St James's Church, London.

'Gifted by Grief' is a real, totally heartfelt and deeply moving human account of a married couple’s journey through cancer, the dying process, loss and grief, and recovery.  This may sound sad and not an attractive read, but believe me, you will want to read every word. To anyone who seeks a deeper context and meaning to life and death, this book will open your heart and mind further.

DelciaDelcia McNeil

Author of The A-Z of Channelled Wisdom and Guidance

'Gifted by Grief' isn’t just a story about cancer; it is an inspiring message of awakening. Through the honest and brave accounts of Jane and Philip, we discover how a truly painful experience can bring with it the gift of transformation. It is never easy to read about suffering or death but Jane has done an amazing job of bringing together their journal entries with her beautifully wise words to create a book that really helps you come to terms with a subject that so many fear to openly discuss. Reading Gifted by Grief was an honour and a privilege and I know that Jane's wisdom will stay with me and support me through my life, no matter how the path unfolds.

TiffanyTiffany Kay

Author of From Pursuit to Presence

A must-read for anyone just recently grieved. It will help you through the process and remind you that you are not the first or only to feel so wounded. The practical insights are right-on and helpful. But the very best aspect of this work is its unrelenting theme of love, always love. Love is present, love is the answer and love is all there is. I'm touched by Jane's raw, authentic and riveting voice. This is an important book for anyone looking inward to understand.

D VasarkovyDiane Vasarkovy


A totally inspirational journey, both emotional and deeply spiritual, where life and death has no difference and the sacred hoop is complete. This is a read for us all, regardless of grief and loss -  it is so full of humanity, growth and wisdom.

JulieAnneHartJulie Anne Hart

Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Coach

Gifted by Grief is extraordinary. A profound book, it very honest about one’s relationship with love and with pain. It made me cry, it made me laugh and think about my own mortality. An amazing read that takes you with love and affection into a inner journey. I also love the practical advice! 
TimSlackTim Slack
Appreciating People


elly_stupa - CopyGifted By Grief is indeed a gift of a book: a love story, an account of how it is to lose a partner to cancer and a story about grieving. But it is more than that. Jane and her husband Philip have laid bare the journey of discovering that he had cancer, how they both felt and dealt with the challenge, and how they faced his death together consciously. One thing certain about this life is that we are all going to face loss, and we are all going to die. Jane gives a no holds barred account of the difficulty of facing death, but also the rage of bereavement, the latter so helpful for anyone who has lost someone close, reassuring the reader that strong feelings are perfectly normal. It is a refreshingly honest book, as well as providing useful information to make life easier for families and friends after your death. Practical things such as how to make a list of what you would like to happen, as well as what kind of funeral you envisage, are just some of the things you will glean from this wonderful book.

Elly Crichton Stuart

Widow, Bereavement support worker (CRUSE) & Grief-Tender, UK

RodneyThe book was compelling and I read it avidly over a long weekend. I like the mixture of Jane's and Philip's contributions, both of which are frank, and at times Jane's honesty is very raw and heart opening. I found 'The Listening', Jane's inner guide loving and wise, and the beautiful words practical and illuminating. The mix of narrative and the different voices enabled me to re-experience in a different way areas in my own life where I have lost someone precious. Things have deepened in me through reading this book, accepting 'my' inner knowing and embracing the universal compassion for myself and others.

Rodney Knights, Interfaith Minister


Jane, I so enjoyed your book.  I started it yesterday afternoon and didn't put it down until I finished it.  It was heartbreaking, uplifting and extremely enlightening.  I wish you every success but I know it is going to help so it did me.  Thank you for sharing your life with the world.  You have given me an attitude adjustment which was much needed.  Much love and enjoy your upcoming success with your wonderful gift to so many suffering individuals. 

Sanda Kelly from Widows group

IMG_5126Jane has done something special and unique in this book, she has combined vulnerable, transparent honesty about the pain of grief with the tangible experience of the peace and presence that waits beyond it. In reading it I found myself wishing that a book like this had been available when I experienced two close bereavements earlier in my life, as Jane’s words are cathartic, healing and transforming to a heart touched by loss. Truly a gift.

Josie Wood

Many people have already written so well about Jane Roger’s graphic and deeply personal book GIFTED BY GRIEF that there is not much I can add. But then I realised that there is one thing no one yet seems to have mentioned and it is very important -  the List of all the things one needs to do or prepare for before you or your loved one dies. At times like that when it may be hard for anyone to think coherently, this practical and very perceptive List could be a lifeline. All of us one day will have to go  through at least some of what Jane went through and it is then that we can reach for her List and find it both helpful and sustaining.
Ilaine Lennard